Investors & Project Developers Contact

Interested investors and Project Developers can always have access to KBI Group Senior Management for any open questions. Details are available under Contact above, where Corporate Responsibility policies can also be found. This password protected site contains a list of authorised representatives, which is available upon request.

Important information for interested investors:

In case of interest, please contact us directly (see contact information).

Should you have been contacted by a Sales Agent, please verify his authorization.

Sales Agents are not authorized to sign contracts, agreements or that like in our name.

Sales Agents, that have bonded you with a Non Disclosure Agreement, and use this NDA for to forbid you to contact us, are operating illegally. Contact us immediately.

Sales Agents or other persons or companies, that try to negotiate or even close an EPC contract for an HTCW Waste Power Plant or an order for an HTCW Feasibility Study in their own names with you, are operating illegally. Contact us immediately.