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The gas produced in the reduction zone of the HTCW gasification furnace is called raw gas. It is fed into the gas treatment and cleaning system. This gas is almost free from hydrocarbons. Chlorine, sulphur, other unwanted compounds and dust components are separated out by the gas treatment and cleaning process.

These residues also contain sublimates of the low-melting heavy metals. Such residues are further reduced by multiple circulating with the input material and discharged from the process depending on their concentration. Also the filter dust is added to this circulation process several times.

Gas Cleaning

Design of the gas cleaning equipment depends on the use
of the gas (see below). Each plant is bespoke designed according to customer needs and conditions.

Gas Utilization

  • Electricity generation and heat by
    steam turbine
  • Electricity generation and heat
    by Combined Heat and Power
    engine (CHP)
  • Methanol, gasoline & diesel generation
  • Supply of clean gas to an
    external user

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