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Multi-use Hardened Mineral Meltings

Inside the furnace, the molten slag is basically free from heavy metal oxides. These are almost completely removed while passing through the coke bed. The molten slag is continuously discharged and with optional fast or slow cooling, is turned into a hard crystalline stone. By customer preference it can be processed into any other form, like coarse road aggregate or (with further processing) into insulation or isolation materials by foaming, defibration(*), rolling or centrifugation as flux material for the construction industry.

(*breaking into fibres)


The molten iron contained in the cast is alloyed with heavy metal. It is tapped individually and can be used for further processing in the steel and foundry industry.


Heat emerges at different stages in the HTCW furnace: from the surface of the reactor, from the hot raw gas produced and as output from a Combined Heat and Power unit (CHP).

The heat can be used for the production of steam for industrial use, as district heating or in water desalination plants to produce drinking water. It can also be used for the pre-treatment of waste with high moisture content when drying is needed before processing.

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