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With the high temperatures and oxygen injection, partial oxidation occurs and so a complete melting of all mineral and metal components is achieved. The amount of minerals and metals in the waste determines the quantity of melting, which descends within the reactor by gravity.

The removal of these molten materials at the bottom of the reactor is called tapping. Mineral slag and metal meltings accumulate at the reactor hearth separate themselves due to different densities.

Value Products

These are typical of processing by gasification at temperatures up to 2,500°Celsius. Depending on the feed materials content:

  • A high quality fuel synthesis gas, suitable for electricity, diesel, gasoline or methanol production
  • A non leaching vitrified slag granulate, or fully glassed slag containing minimal heavy metal oxides, usable as road aggregate, flux for construction or with further processing as an insulation material
  • A castable iron, alloyed with heavy metals usable as ingots/pig iron for steel foundries
  • Heat, usable in various ways (e.g. steam, district heating, desalination plants)
  • A concentrate of dust from the gas cleaning,1-3% of the initial charge volume, which requires depositing (compared to about 30 % in waste incineration plants)
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