HTCW Gasification and Economy

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HTCW distinctive environmentally safe process disposes of and utilises mixed, hazardous and clinical wastes of all types. The inclusion of these toxic wastes provides unparalleled flexibility to achieve target financial returns.

Zero emissions, ecologically neutral products, the use of all waste as a resource, high energy utilization and process-integrated pollutant destruction provide compelling arguments to allay concerns and objections from citizens and media.

Where decentralised HTCW gasification plants are installed, dumping of waste will be a thing of the past. They are easy to integrate into existing infrastructures. The lower socio-economic risks compared to large plants provide further factors toward acceptance.

A New Approach to Profitability and Reputation

  • Highest net energy efficiency among competitors (i.e. net yields for sale to energy customers)

  • High quality clean syn-gas, preventing untimely wear and tear of costly gas cleaning equipment

  • HTCW gasification can process all waste types and high / low CV range mixed, needing no
    pre-sorting or shredding, thus giving control of profit targets

  • Maximum customer & community service with single technology processing — pollution free,
    community friendly and highly efficient re-use of municipal and industrial waste in all regards

  • Almost 100% material transformation of the input waste into environmentally friendly products
    which can be sold at market prices. No exhaust gases and almost no disposal costs

HTCW Exports

HTCW specifications are in accordance with German and European ecological technology standards and conditions — among the best in the world. Based on a thorough market and business survey, adaptations will be made in compliance with local or national laws where applicable. Each project is bespoke designed according to specific requirements.

HTCW modular design enables the planning of the most economical roll-out of a longer term expansion plan, overcoming the biggest problems associated with smaller and also larger plants which require expansion when demand rises.

Investment costs

Investment costs of a HTCW gasification plant depend on the size and configuration of the plant and type of gas and heat usage (for heat, electricity, methanol, diesel or gasoline).

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