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Total Disposal of all waste types — All-in-one Technology

From the best of traditions in German engineering . . . . Using the state-of-the-art technologies from the steel industries radically adapted for new purpose —
The gasification of all types of waste with exemplary energy production

HTCW pushing the boundaries of waste processing

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Brochure, long form

HTCW technology text and picture HTCW diagram HTCW technology text and picture

  • Independent studies show HTCW superior net energy efficiency and clean syn-gas production, assuring long-term energy price stability
  • HTCW patent gasification process transforms 97-99% of all types of waste into gas, heat, steam and electricity (or diesel, gasoline, methanol)
  • Single site gasification of all waste types with high & low CV's mixed, needing no pre-sorting or shredding, thus giving control of profit targets
  • Zero emission and no ash residue, leaving 1-3% dust. With HTCW, "Zero Waste" now becomes a reality, also reducing disposal costs
  • Scalable from small single or multi-location sites, to large industrial plants. Economically integrated into existing infrastructures

Environmentally safe and operating between 1500°C (2700 F) and 2500°C
(4500 F), HTCW can process mixed municipal and industrial waste such as:

Toxic Waste
Electronic Scrap
Scrap Metal
Clinical Waste
Industry Waste
Compound Materials
Oil Sludge
Used Tyres
Coal Gangue. . . .

... in fact, any kind of waste except radio-active

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